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    Ride the lightning

    shocking performance

    The forecast calls for blue skies with a 100% chance of Lightning. This revolutionary scooter offers incredible specs, top performance, and incomparable build quality. Easy to customize, adjustable bar height and ride height make the Lightning comfortable for any riders and all styles. Go blue and buy Bluetran!


    Minimotors is known for performance!


    Range will never be an issue, with up to 90 miles of range, commuting is easy.


    Designed with safety in mind. These are high-performance vehicles you can count on.


    Minimotors is known for highest quality parts, components, design and build.

    Switch Button Electric Scooter Minimotors Bluetran

    New Multi-Switch

    This command center puts your turn signals, light switch, hazard lights, eco/turbo, and horn all right at your fingertips.

    Hydraulic Brakes + ABS

    Stop on a dime. The Lightning comes stock with fully hydraulic brakes, ABS, and regenerative braking.

    Hydraulic Brake + ABS
    Charging Port GX20-3P

    Faster More Reliable Charging

    A larger port and thicker gauge wire allow for higher amperage charges.

    Customizable Lighting

    Lights, camera, action! Program the accent lights to your preference with the touch of a button.

    Remote Control for LED Rights
    Suspension System Electric Scooter

    Suspension System

    The BlueTran Lightning features quad spring air shocks.

    Ride Height Adjustment

    Rotate the adjustment screw to choose your suitable height.

    Suspension Height Adjustment
    Folding Scooter

    Folding Bars and Stem

    Easily fold your bars and stem to make storage and transport more convenient. Locking your stem to the deck is easy with integrated deck hook and stem latch.

    Handlebar Height Adjustment

    Handlebar height can be adjusted from 1154mm to 1204mm.

    Handle Height Adjustment